Saturday, 20 June 2015

Week 9- Monday- Dragon Boat Festival 端午节 duān wǔ jié- Teacher Jamie

Dragon Boat Festival 端午节duān wǔ jié is the fifth day of the fifth lunar month- this year it falls on the 20th of June. For this week, we learnt about the meaning behind this festival, the food and activities that are associated with this festival.

We read a book called 《老龙舟的心愿》(lǎo lóng zhōu de xīn yuàn), which we really enjoyed it!

Next, we learnt a song about this Festival:
五月五 过端午 (wǔ yuè wǔ guò duān wǔ)
Fifth day of the fifth month, celebrate dragon boat festival

划龙舟 敲锣鼓 (huá lóng zhōu qiāo luó gǔ)
Row the dragon boat and beat the drum

一二三四五 (yī èr sān sì wǔ)
One two three four five

你来划船我打鼓 (nǐ lái huá chuán wǒ dǎ gǔ)
You row the boat and I beat the drum

One of the popular activities is the dragon boat race. We had a great time decorating our own dragon boat 龙舟 (lóng zhōu).

We also learnt to write some characters that have to do with this festival. You can hand in the writing task next Monday.