Saturday, 13 June 2015

Week 8 - Tuesday - All About Me- Teacher Jamie

This week we talked about the things we like to do with our friends. We revised words like pǎo (run),跳 tiào (jump),唱歌 chàng ge (sing),跳舞 tiào wǔ(dance) and画图 huà tú (draw). Next we talked about the things we do at school, you may wish to revise the words here.

We watched a short clip 我们一起玩 wǒ men yì qǐ wán ( we play together), and from the story we learnt that when we play with our 好朋友 hǎo péng you (good friends), we feel really 开心 kāi xīn (happy).

We did a follow up activity on the things we do with our friends at school, and the children also drew the activity that they like best to do with their friends. They did a retell in class and it was fantastic!