Thursday, 21 May 2015

Week 5 Monday- 他打篮球打得最好 tā dǎ lán qiú dǎ de zuì hǎo (He is best in playing basketball) - Teacher Jamie

Today we talked about what are the things the students do best by using the sentence structure:
tā dǎ lán qiú dǎ de zuì hǎo.
He is the best in playing basketball.

You may wish to practise the sentences structure here.

Next we also learnt the phrase gēn …一起yì qǐ … which means to do something together with someone, for example:
wǒ gēn mā ma yì qǐ dǎ lán qiú.

I play basketball together with mum.

We looked at the character gēn and talked about its radical , and came out with a few words that have this as the radical, for example pǎo-run , tiào-jump and 踢 tī-kick.

Today we also completed our sentences making in class which the children did really well! The children can revise the sentences here.