Thursday, 21 May 2015

Week 5 Tuesday- All About Me- Teacher Jamie

Today we learnt about our five senses and the function of 眼睛yǎn jing-eyes, 耳朵ěr duo-ears, 嘴巴zuǐ ba-mouth and 鼻子bí zi-nose.

We used the sentences structure:

wǒ yǒu shǒu
I have hands.

zhè shì wǒ de bǐ zi
This is my nose.

You may wish to practise the sentences structure here and here.

We played a puzzle game as each body part was being called out. The kids had great fun with that.

There is a sentence poster which went home with the children today 小兔子在做什么? 小兔子在跳 xiǎo tù zi zài zuò shén me? xiǎo tù zi zài tiào “What are the rabbits doing? The rabbits are jumping. ”

You can find games to play with for the topic "Body Parts" with the APP 'Kids Learn Mandarin'.