Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Week 4 Tuesday / Thursday - Teacher Grace Do you Like Computer Games? 你喜欢电脑游戏吗?Nǐ xǐhuān diànnǎo yóuxì ma?

Welcome to week 4! In our lesson today we further explore new words and sentences. Our new words are - 

  • 电脑 (diànnǎo) Computer
  • 游戏 ( yóuxì) Games
  • 脑游戏 ( diànnǎo yóuxì) Computer Games
  • 上网 (shàngwǎng) To go on line / internet
  • 运动 (Yùndòng) Sports
  • 喜欢 (Xǐhuān) Like to
  • 音乐 (Yīnyuè)
You can practice all the new words HERE.

We had a quick quiz in class and the children scored really well!

Our sentence structure this wee are:

  • 你的爱好是什么? ( de àihào shì shénme?) What is your hobby?
  • 我的爱好是_____ (Wǒ de àihào shì______) My hobby is ________
  • 你喜欢电脑游戏吗? (xǐhuān diànnǎo yóuxì ma?) Do you like computer games?
  • 我喜欢电脑游戏 ( xǐhuān diànnǎo yóuxì) I like computer games
OR (if the answer is dislike)
  • 喜欢电脑游戏 ( bù xǐhuān diànnǎo yóuxì) I like computer games.
We also practice a  couple of new sentences enquiring others about what they learnt or know. Here are some example:
  • 我会打网球 (Wǒ huì dǎ wǎngqiú) I can play tennis
  • 你会打网球吗? (Nǐ huì dǎ wǎngqiú ma?)  Do you play tennis?
  • 我会打网球, 也会打篮球 (Wǒ huì dǎ wǎngqiú, yě huì dǎ lánqiú) I can play tennis and basketball
You can read along to all the sentences HERE.

Homework this week is to practice our sentences and the writing task on page 88 in booklet.

Have a good week!