Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Week 4 Tuesday- All About Me - Teacher Jamie

This week we continue to look at what we can do with our handsshǒu and feet jiǎo.
wǒ de shǒu huì pāi
My hands can clap.

wǒ de shǒu huì shǔ shù.
My hands can count.

wǒ de shǒu huì huà tú.
My hands can draw.

We learnt a song called手指谣shǒu zhǐ yáo, and we all had great fun doing the actions with our fingers.

We also used pipe cleaners to make the wordshǒu. Children observed how the character is made up. Today they brought home a craft using their hands to create little footprints- 我的脚,踏、跑、跳wǒ de jiǎo, tà pǎo tiàoPlease have a look at their masterpiece!