Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Week 7- Tuesday- All About Me- Teacher Jamie

We started the lesson with singing a new warm up song 来来来 (lái lái lái), and the children were very good at identifying (zuǒ-left) and (yòu-right).

We talked about things we like to do with our friends after listening to a short story. We learnt that hide-and-seek is called 捉迷藏 (zhuō mí cáng). You may wish to go through some of the words we learnt from the story here.

Next, we listened to another story and learnt a song called 爸爸我爱你 (bà ba wǒ ài nǐ-Daddy I love you). The children were very good with doing the actions with this catchy tune.

We did a follow-up activity with the things that we like (喜欢-xǐ huān) and do not like (不喜欢-bù xǐ huān) to do. It was wonderful to get to know one another better