Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Week 11- Monday- 吃饭去 chī fàn qù (Let’s have a meal)

This week we continued with the theme 吃饭去(chī fàn qù- Let’s have a meal), and watched a short clip about the famous Chinese dumpling-饺子 (jiǎo zi). Next we did the 饺子 (jiǎo zi) craft and became owner of a dumpling restaurant 饺子店 (jiǎo zi diàn), in which we had to design our own advertisement. It was really awesome!

We also read a story from the textbook Mei Zhou Chinese 美洲华语 (měi zhōu huá yǔ) lesson 3- 南瓜灯笼 (nán guā dēng long-Jack O' Lantern). The students were invited to do a recount of the story. It was a very interesting story and we really enjoyed it. 

This was our last lesson for the term and it has been a fabulous term! I would like to wish everyone a restful and wonderful holiday.