Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Week 10- Tuesday- All About Me- Teacher Jamie

This week we looked at the popular finger guessing game by learning to sing our warm up song 猜拳歌 (cāi quán gē-finger guessing song). The children got so excited with playing the game and realised as well the different sequence and term we used in the game-scissors, paper, rock was actually剪刀jiǎn dāo (scissors)、石头shí tou (rock)、布 bù (cloth) in Chinese.

Next, we listened to a story about how a brother comforted his little sister when she was hurt, and we learnt the words (kū-cry) and (xiào-laugh). Next, we made a little puppet and discussed about different scenarios, and what would our reactions be by using(kū-cry) and (xiào-laugh). The children had fun making the puppets.