Thursday, 28 May 2015

Week 6 Toddler / Kindy Class 多,少 (Duō, Shǎo) More and Less

The kindy room is abuzz with activities with little hands sorting out what is more 多 (Duō),  and what is less 少 (Shǎo). We played musical merry-go-round while counting and the children. You can practice with them at home (to the tune of London Bridge is falling down). Try to catch them when they walk through as the song finishes!

Yī' èr sān sì wǔ liù qī, 
wǔ liù qī, wǔ liù qī,
yī' èr sān sì wǔ liù qī, 
 qǐng nǐ jìnlái

Have a lovely weekend!