Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Week 3- Tuesday- All About Me-Teacher Jamie

Today we got ourselves familiar with our routine warm up song "Let's sing and dance together." 一起唱歌跳舞 yì qǐ chàng gē  tiào wŭ.

We then learnt about what our hands 手(shǒu) and feet 脚 (jiǎo) can do:

手:clapping hands 拍拍手(pāi pāi shǒu)

        shaking hands 握握手 (wò wò shǒu)

        holding hands 手牵手 (shǒu qiān shǒu)

脚:   running 跑跑跑 (pǎo pǎo pǎo)

        jumping 跳跳跳 (tiào tiào tiào)

They get familiar with saying: This is my_____ 这是我的____ (zhè shì wǒ de). Please have a look at the beautiful work they did today!